When you create a Workbook, a quiz or a test, begin by clicking on "Create a Workbook/Quiz". After you've created the test name and set the parameters, you can click on the name in the "Workbooks/Quizes" list. You'll see the icon to add/edit content and add/edit tests. You need to create your content first, then place your tests (for help on creating content, see "workbooks"). Every test must have at least one page of content, even if that one page is simply an introduction where you state the test name, subject and passing score. If you determined it is a timed test, you may want to tell the student how much time they have to complete the test. Once your content has been created, click the icon to add/edit tests. Once you've clicked the icon, you'll see something similar to the graphic below. If this is the first test, you won't see a list of tests yet. Begin by telling the program where you would like the test to appear. You'll notice the "Test Position" pull down shows the chapter names of your content which you have already provided in the content. Next, name the test, choose the type. Block tests tell the program there is more content after the test. If there is not content after the test, choose "final". Apply a passing rate.

When a student FAILS a BLOCK TEST, he will be directed back to the beginning of the content block to try again. By setting the page reviews, you are telling the program how many of the conent pages you want him to review before he can take the test again. The student will never see this. This is a way for you to ensure the student actually reviews the content before attempting the test again. A "1" means he will be able to click the test link again and immediately retake the test.

Minimum review time is another way to ensure the student can not immediately retake the test unless you specify that he can. Setting both the Page reviews and the Min Review Time to their lowest settings will allow the student to retake the block test again immediately.

Show correct answers check box - When this box is checked, the program will show the student the correct answers for all questions that were missed but only AFTER the student has passed the test. If you don't want him to see the correct answers, do not check the box. When you create "Create New" your new test will show up in the list of tests. Click the green "Edit" link to begin writing or editing test questions. Click here to see what the test question edit area looks like.

Creating tests