Labs are any content you wish to write which do NOT contain tests. Create a lab just like you would a workbook but check the "check if this is a lab" box. This tells the program you will not be writing tests and allows for this.

First, from the instructor home page, click on "create workbook/quiz". You'll then see the screen below.

  1. Name the workbook lesson.
  2. Enter a description of the workbook. This area is for you the instructor, write whatever notes to yourself you'd like.
  3. If it's going to be a timed workbook, check the "timed" box and give it a duration in minutes.
  4. Check the "Check if this is a lab" checkbox.
  5. Click "apply edits" button at the bottom.

You've now created the workbook name. Now from your home page, you'll see the new workbook in your Workbooks/Quizes list. Click on the name which brings you back to the screen below. Click on the "Workbook Content" icon. The subsequent page is the first page the student will see. You may want to put the passing grade, what the quiz covers, etc. When you're finished writing the content, click the submit changes button at the bottom.

To write the quiz questions, click the Workbook Tests icon. Create each test and place the test within your content. For details on writing tests and placing them within your content, see the tests page.

Don't forget you must associate this workbook before your students will see it and have access to it.

Workbook descriptions