As an instructor, you will log into the administrative area at the same login point as other administrators but you will see your home page upon successful login.

Instructor's right side menuUpload New Lesson - As an instructor, you may upload or create several different types of assignments. The first type of assignment we call a "lesson". A lesson can be any document you want to upload. You can upload Power Point files, MS Word docs, images or pdfs. Simply name the lesson, choose the directory, browse your local computer for the file and upload it. Your new lesson will show up in your "Posted Lessons" list as a link. You can click on the magnifying glass to view the url to that lesson, click the link to edit it or click the red "x" to delete it. You then need to "associate" the lesson to one of your classes. Since this probably isn't the only class you teach, we give you the option of associating lessons to any of your classes. Click on "Workbook/Course Associations" to associate your new lesson to the appropriate class. After you've completed this, you will see that lesson in a list underneath that class name in the Scheduled Courses/Tests section every time you teach that class. When you're ready to give your students access to the lesson, click the Assign icon next to the lesson and your students will see it on their home page.

Workbooks - Workbooks are what you might expect. Written material that you create complete with content and quizes (content without a quiz is called a lab). When you create a new workbook, you can write content and include as many "block tests" within that content as you like. At the end of the workbook, create a "final". Be sure to associate the workbook with your class so your students see the new workbook from their home pages. Your students can then log in to the workbook and complete it at their pace. Of course you can specify a due date by writing that information on the first page of the content, or sending them an announcement by clicking on the announcement icon. Your gradebook will show you who has completed the workbook and the scores your students attained.

Quizes - A quiz is actually a workbook with one page of content and a final. On your one page of content, introduce the quiz and any other notes you would like to include and make sure you specify "final" in the test type. Specifying "final" simply tells the program there is no content after this test/quiz.

Labs - A Lab is any workbook that does not contain tests. Click the link to create a new workbook but check the lab checkbox. This tells Event Registrar that you are not going to include tests in the content.

Rosters - Rosters is simply a roster of the students signed up for your class. Click the courses tab, then click the "rosters" sub link. Choose the class, date and voila!

Gradebook - Gradebook is just that. It's a table showing the scores your students achieved on your workbooks and quizes. Click on the gradebook icon next to the class and view, edit your students report card.

Workbook/Course Associations - As mentioned above, make sure you associate your assignments and workbooks to your class so your students see those assignments from their home pages. To "unassociate" assignments, click on the "Un-assign icon" next to that assignment.

Announcements - Send your entire class an announcement. Click on the announcement icon and send an internal email that will show up on your students' home page.

Uploading new lessonsOn the left side of the professor's home page you'll see the box to upload your lessons, and links. The links with the "plus" symbol next to them are links that have been added by admin or an instructor. To add links to the left navigation, click the "Front End" tab, then the "links" sub menu. Create a link to wherever you want. Just remember, all instructors will see your new link.