Course associationsYou can create all the workbooks, quizes and assignments you'd like but your students won't have access to them until you associate them with a class, then assign them.

Your first step should be to write/create your workbooks, assignments, PowerPoints and quizes, then upload the ones that need to be uploaded. Next, click on "Assignment/Class Associations". You'll then see a page that looks like the graphic to the right "Course Associations". Next to your classes, you'll see your workbooks and assignments listed underneath the class name. Click each checkbox next to the assignment you'd like associated with that class. You only have to do this once. After you've associated specific assignments with a class, each time you are scheduled to teach that class, you'll notice the same assignments listed underneath that class in your "Scheduled Courses/Tests" header.

In most cases, instructors and professors teach multiple classes and subjects. For this reason, you need to associate your various content with the appropriate class.

To "activate" that assignment, simply click on the icon (which should have a red "x" on a scroll) and it will turn into an icon with a green "plus" on a scroll". Now your students will see that assignment on their home pages.

Scheduled courses/tests