Upload lessonsAssignments can be anything you'd like them to be. Event Registrar's University program gives you several options to choose from.

Assignments can be:

Lessons are files that you create on your computer, then upload to give your students access by viewing it online or simply downloading it. Examples of lessons would be MS Word files, Power Points, Images or pdf's.

The "Directory" pull down allows you to organize your content. You'll see "Workbook Files", "Images" or "Lessons" in the pulldown. For files that you will be referencing from within a Workbook, choose the "workbook" directory. For images, well, choose the images directory. For Power Points, word files, pdf's etc, choose the "lessons" directory. For help on creating, compressing and uploading a PowerPoint, click here.

Create a Power Point on your computer, then save it as html. You'll notice that when you do this, all of your files are saved in a directory that you have named. It's best that you do NOT include spaces when naming files that will be uploaded to the web. Web directories and files do not like spaces. Next, zip the entire directory. Choose "Lessons" in the pulldown. Name the Lesson in the "Lesson Name" field. In this field you CAN use spaces. Now click the "browse" button and navigate to your zipped Power Point file and click "Upload". After you have associated and activated this lesson, your students will see it as a link on their home page. In the case of a Power Point, the student will be able to view your Power Point online.

You'll notice that you can lock these files. By locking a file nobody can view that file. Send an announcement to your students and give them the password. Change it as often as you like.

For MS Word files, pdf's and images, once you've associated and assigned them, the file will download to the student's computer when they click the link.