After you have created ALL of your content, you may begin creating and placing your tests. First, create the test name and it's function.

Course Name reminds you what course you are editing.

Test Position is a pulldown showing the chapter names you gave to each one of your content pages. If you named them properly, you should know exactly where you are in your course content. Choose the page you'd like the test to appear immediately after.

Test Name - Give each test a unique name, ie; Chapter one test.

Type - Choose between "Block" or "Final". A block test tells the program there is more content after the test. You can place as many block tests in a course as you'd like but you may not stack tests. There must be at least one page of content between each test. Final exams tell the program there is NO content afterward. The program will grade the entire exam after a final.

Pass rate - Enter the pass rate for the tests.

Page Reviews - This is one of two features installed to keep students honest. If you do NOT choose "Continue on fail", the program will force the student to go back and review this section before attempting to take the test again. The catch is, they must view this number of pages before attempting the test again. They will not know there is a minimum page review in place but the program will prompt them to "review and retake" the test. The courses are designed to be viewed one page at a time but the student may jump ahead to any page they have already visited. Since they've already viewed this content once and failed the test, they theoretically could click the link to take the test again immediately. If you have determined they must review "x" number of pages first, they will not be able to simply jump right back to the test to try it again. They will be forced to review the content. Be sure you do not choose a number that is greater than the number of pages of content in that block or the student will not be able to ever take the test.

Minimum Review Time - Like Page Reviews, this is the other feature which you may employ to keep students honest. Minimum Review Time will force the student to wait to retake the test. You may use either of these two features, neither or both.

Show Correct Answers - If you check this box, students will be shown the answers they got wrong and will give them the correct answers, along with the text you entered giving the explanation of the correct answer.

Continue on fail allows students to fail tests. They will not be returned to the beginning of the block to try again.

Once you have created and placed the test, click the "Create New" button. You'll see your new test posted in the list of tests above the test creator window. Now click the green "Edit" button to write the questions for that test.

Creating Tests