There are several ways to view the classes you've activated, click on the "View Monthly Calendar" or "View Weekly Calendar" links provided to you by GuiWeb®.

The Monthly Calendar shows all of your classes in a calendar grid like below. The abbreviation you entered for each course will show in the date of the offered class.

Monthly calendar

To view your weekly calendar, click your "View Weekly Calendar" link provided by GuiWeb®. It will look similar to the graphic below. Notice in the weekly view, the full name of the course is shown.

Weekly calendar

Or, to view the classes on your calendar from within admin, click on the "Courses" tab, then click on the "View Calendar" sub link. You'll see a table showing all of your active classes that are on your calendar.

Active courses list

Ongoing online courses and memberships do not show up on calendars because they are not date specific. To view these courses, click on the "View Courses" link on your website provided to you by GuiWeb®. Students can use this page to view all of your offered courses and classes as a list instead of in calendar format.