To quickly view or access your courses and all instances of your courses (classes) that you currently offer or are in your database, go to your "View Active Courses" table. Click on the "Courses" tab in the navigation menu, then click the "View Active" sub link. You'll then see a table that looks similar to the graphic below. The pull down at the top will take you to the "Edit Course" screen for the course you've chosen. Below that pull down, you'll see a table representing all classes you are currently offering. You can view at a glance the specifics of that class or click the class name link to view that specific class or edit any of the information. Remember to be careful about editing this information. Some students may have already signed up for these classes.

Active courses

If you click on a specific class in the table, you'll see the profile of that class (see the graphic below). Edit any of the information and click "Update Course Profile".

Class profile