Student transcripts can be viewed from the student's profile page. Transcripts are an electronic record of a student's performance in classes taken at your institution. Some information may need to be added manually. Online course scores will be added automatically but any physical course taken will need the grade or score added manually. To view or edit a student's transcript, do the following:

Click the "Profiles" tab, then click the "View/Edit/Dele" or the "Search" sub link.

Once you've located a student's profile click the link called "Student Transcript" to view or "Edit Transcript" to edit the transcript record.

You can email or print the transaction. Choose "HTML" if you want the transcript to be emailed using html and therefore maintain the formatting below, or choose "Plain Text" to send the information in a list format.

Staff allowed to view or edit transcripts are given permission to do so when they are added by admin.

Student Transcript