Transactions are the actual registration and payment record entered when a student registers and pays for a class. If your institution does not charge credit cards in real time, your transactions will first show up in the "Pending" area. If you have real time credit card processing, your transactions will show up in the "Approved" transactions because your merchant bank will have already approved them. GuiWeb® will connect your LMS to your merchant account for a nominal fee.

Assuming you do not have real time credit card processing, you'll need to run your credit cards by hand. There are three types of transaction records, "Pending", "Approved" and "Declined". All transactions will first be deposited into the "Pending" inbox. Think of this as the repository or inbox for new transactions. Once you've approved or declined each transaction, it will be moved to the proper transaction area.

To view transcations, click the "Transactions" tab, then click the "View Pending" sub link.

You'll then see something similar to the graphic below. This is a contracted list of transactions. To view each transaction's details, click "Expand This List".

Pending transactions

Once the list has been expanded, you can view each transaction in detail. After payment has been received, click "Approve Transaction". If the payment has been declined click the "Decline Transaction" button. When students cancel a class or admin cancels a student's registration, the transcation will show "CANCEL-REFUND". These students are due a refund (depending on your policy). Once the refund has been completed, click the "Mark As Refunded" button shown at the bottom of those transactions. You can also change the method of payment and the amount if you have proper permission to do so.

expanded pening transactions list

Every transaction receives its own "Transaction ID". A unique number that will never be duplicated.

Method is the means by which a class was paid. The default methods are "Cash", "Check", "Credit Card" and "Grant".

"Grant" means the transaction was entered and paid for by your institution. By request, we will add any of the following methods for your situation, Voucher, PO, Check, etc.

To find out how to register a student for a course from admin, click here.

Staff allowed to view or edit transactions are given permission to do so when they are added by admin.

Click to see the approved transactions area or to view the declined transactions area.

There is a transaction search form on every transaction page. Fill out any or all of the information you have and click "search transaction database" for a list of your search results.

Transaction search form