Text notes exist so that you can keep a written record of any comments you would like to add to a student's profile. Sometimes dialogue between a student and an instructor or a student and an administrator can be lost in the shuffle. When you'd like to add a comment to a student's profile, simply do this:

Click the "Profiles" tab, then click the "View/Edit/Dele" or the "Search" sub link.

Once you've located a student's profile click the link called "text notes" at the top of the table. You'll see something like the following graphic:

Text notesIn the Add new note text area, write your comments. Select which staff members may view this text note, Instructors, Administrators or Both. Click "Add new Note". The text note will be automatically time stamped by the program and the administrator or Instructor who entered the note will also be automatically stamped to the note. There is no need to manually enter this information.

Staff allowed to view these notes are given permission to do so when they are added by admin.