Students can be added to the data base by either admin, or by registering themselves through your web site assuming you are using the Event Registrar online registration system. Once they have created their profile (or admin has created it), each student will have his or her own student profile that looks like the one below.

To view student profiles, click on the "Profiles" tab, then click either "Add New" to create a new student profile, or "View/Edit/Delete" or "Search" to search the data base in different ways.

Creating a profile for a student does not register them for any classes, it only adds them to the data base.

Pseudo ID is a unique ID you may give to a student when creating their profile. If your school uses unique student identifiers, this is a good place to add them.

From the Student Manager, you can do the following, assuming you've been given the proper permissions by senior admin staff:

Edit the student's profile allows admin to edit any of the information in the profile.

Text notes allows admin or instructors to add comments about the student. For more information on text notes click here.

Delete Profile will delete the student's profile, assuming you have proper permissions.

Student Transcript will show you the student's academic record for classes taken at your school. Scores for classes taken online will be entered automatically by the program but physical class scores must be added manually. To edit the transcript, click "Edit Transcript".

From this screen you can register students for classes currently offered by your institution, assuming the class has been created in the data base. Scroll down to see how.

Student manager

To add this student to one of your courses, choose the course in the pulldown. Only activated courses will show in this pulldown menu. Choose the course and the payment method, enter the student's credit card number, expiration date and Name on the card. If you'd like the student to receive a confirmation email, leave the box checked. Students will be required to pay for the processing fee whether admin registers them or they register themselves.

Adding students to courses

The information below shows admin the courses for which the student has already enrolled or taken.

upcoming course registrations

ongoing course registrations