After you have created the test name, you can begin writing the questions. Each test has its own test pool. This means you can write as many questions as you'd like, then tell the program how many questions to ask. If you want the questions asked in random order, check the box, then tell the program how many questions to ask. Each student will see a different group of questions depending on how many questions you have written.

Simply write the question, then enter the answers. Don't forget to tell the program which answer is correct. In the Answer Discussion, briefly describe why the correct answer is the correct answer. This text will be shown after the program shows the student which questions they marked incorrectly, assuming you checked the "Show Correct Answers" box when creating the test name.

Don't forget to click the "apply edits" button at the bottom of the screen. If you fill each question and answer field on the screen, the program will present you with more blank questions after you click the apply edits button.

After you have written all of your content, created and written your tests, you can then preview your course by clicking on the "Back to Course" link.

Writing tests