Sometimes you'll find two or more profiles for the same student either because a student forgot their user name and password and created a new one, or the profile was already in the database and admin created a new one. Event Registrar has built in governors to try to reduce the possibility of this occuring but if it does, you can merge the profiles.

Click on the "Profiles" tab, then the "Profile Merge" sub link. You'll see a screen like the graphic below:

Profile MergeYou'll need to first do a search of the student profile which should show you all of the profiles for the student. If you haven't performed the search yet, you can search from here. When you view each profile, take note of the student ID's.

In the "Profile Merge" table, enter the ID that you'd like to preserve in the "Preserved" text box, then enter the ID of the one you'd like to discard in the "discarded" text box. Click the "Merge IDs entered" button. The information in both profiles has now been merged and will all show under the preserved student ID.