After you have created an online course, then return to edit the course, you will see a page that looks like the one below. If the course is complete, you can now click on the "preview" icon and view your new online course.

Here are some rules for the preview of a course:

Students must navigate linearly through a course. In other words, they must proceed one page at a time and only the following page and any previously viewed page is an active link. When previewing a course as an administrator, you will have access to all of your pages at any time.

In Preview mode, the "submit" buttons are disabled. You can not take your own tests, only view them.

Students will see a "home" and "log out" link at the top. In Preview mode, we have removed those links.

Previewing Courses

In preview mode, you'll also see how your navigation will look to the student. As you can see, the student will always know what page he or she is on, and at any time, can click on the Table Of Contents folder to expand it.

Preview your course in ER, GuiWeb's LMS

Here is the expanded folder. It will show the names you gave to each of your content pages, so you can see how naming these pages will affect the learning experience. Click on the folder again to close it. Click "Next" or "Previous" to navigate through the course.

GuiWeb learning management and e-learning system

The content that ER includes in your pages is placed into cells that are given the class name "cell". By adding the class "cell" into your style sheet, you can manipulate the style of the text added by ER. There are many tutorials on the web regarding style sheets. We recommend sites such as

Important Note:

Don't forget that all content contained in ER is called by the browser using encryption for security reasons. This means you'll need to call your images using secure paths. If you use the upload feature within ER to call your images, your path is as follows: If you do not call your images using this method, students will get the annoying pop up message telling them that some content may not be secure and it might encourage them to sign out prematurely.