I know you're asking, "What is a postamble?". It's the content that comes AFTER a course. You can use a postamble any way you want. You might want to use it as a certificate that participants can print once they've completed a course. You might want to give further instructions to a student that has just completed the course like, "Don't forget to turn in the written portion of the assignment by Friday the 22nd".

Obviously the sky is the limit for the use of content after a course but it's your choice whether or not to use the postamble. The postambe can only be used with courses that are offered online. If you choose to use it, here's how:

First click the courses tab, then the "active courses" sub link. Choose a course. Click on the "Edit Courses" icon and you should see something like this:

Postamble link

Click on the "Add Postamble" link and you'll see this:

Postamble edit screen

First, check the "Yes" radio button. Then in the "Postamble Text", place any text or html you'd like. Where every you'd like the program to insert dynamic information, include the appropriate hash in the legend. For instance, if you inserted the following in the "Postamble Text" area; "Thank you %%FIRSTNAME%% for taking %%COURSENAME%%!" The student or participant would see; "Thank you John for taking Health 101!" (or whatever the student's name is and the course he or she took).

Click "Save Customization" and you're finished.