Add new instructorsAdding instructors is extremely easy. Click on the "instructors" tab, then click on the appropriate sub link, either "view/edit" or "add". To add new instructors click on the "add new" instructor and you will see something that looks like the image to the right. Fill out the information and click "add Instructor". As the administrator, you can either ask the instructor what he or she wants as a user name and password, or assign him one and he can change it as soon as he logs in. Instructors log in at the same administrator login point as administrators but the system recognizes them as instructors by their login information, therefore they will see their instructor home page instead of the admin area. Instructors are given a default set of admin permissions. To edit an instructors admin permissions, click on the "administrators" tab, then click on "view/edit". You will see instructors listed as administrators with an asterisk denoting their status as instructors. Click to edit and change their permissions as desired.

Instructor ManagerTo view an instructor's profile, click on their name and you will see their information, accompanied by a list of classes they are scheduled to teach. View the "administrators" area for more information on setting permissions.