If you'd like to upload files such as images, swf files or pdf's so that you can link them to your content, there's a couple of ways to go about it. The first is to use the file upload feature in the admin area. Click on the Front End tab, then the File Upload sub link. You should then see the image below:

File upload feature

  • First, click on Choose File.
  • Choose your file by clicking on Choose File. Navigate to your file. Remember that your file name should not contain any spaces. Also remember that file size is everything when it's going on the web!
  • Click Upload. Your file will be located here: https://domain.securegw.com/uploads/yourfile where domain is the name of your institution that appears before securegw in the file path and yourfile is the file you are uploading. If you'd like to see the file path, simply click on your file in the table. A new window will appear showing your file with the full path name in the url. Remember to use the secure path. If you don't, your students will get a pop up telling them that some content on the page may not be secure. This makes some folks very nervous and rightly so.

When you're ready to link the file to your html, make sure the path to the file is correct. Then paste your html into the course content. Now click on the preview link (located on the course description page) to make sure you did it correctly.

The other way to upload images is using the wysiwyg editor located below each editable section. Remember, the file path must be correct no matter which method you use. There are many tutorials on the web if you need some help.