Transactions are the actual registration and payment record entered when a student registers and pays for a class. If your institution does not charge credit cards in real time, you'll need to run your credit cards by hand. There are three types of transaction records, "Pending", "Approved" and "Declined". All transactions will first be deposited into the "Pending" inbox. Think of this as the repository or inbox for new transactions. Once you've approved or declined each transaction, it will be moved to the proper transaction area.

To view transcations, click the "Transactions" tab, then click the "View Pending" sub link. To view transactions you've already declined, click the "Transactions" tab, then click the "View Declined" sub link.

You'll then see something similar to the graphic below. This is a contracted list of transactions. To view each transaction's details, click "Expand This List". From here, you can view each declined transaction. If the student has provided payment, you can recategorized the transaction by clicking on the "Mark as Pending" or "Approve Transaction" buttons.

Declined Transactions

There is a transaction search form in every transaction area. Search archived by choosing "archived" in the status pulldown. You'll also see other parameters to limit your search in this pull down including:

  • Transaction Search formAll - will search all transactions
  • Pending - will search only pending transactions
  • Approved - will search only approved transactions
  • Declined - will search only declined transactions
  • Req. Refund - will search only transactions that need to be refunded
  • Refunded - will search only refunded transactions
  • Cancelled Attendance - will search only those transaction which were refunded
  • Cancelled Attendance - will search only transactions where the student or admin cancelled attendance
  • Archived - will search only archived transactions