Though GuiWeb® backs up your database every day on a thirty day rotation, you may want to download the contents of your data base for either back up of your own or to use in a spread sheet, presentation or marketing purposes. You can export any or all of your data in either csv or tsv formats. These are the two most common formats and can be viewed by all major spread sheet and database programs including Microsoft Excel, Access, File Maker Pro, Act, etc.

Click on the "Data Base Exp." tab in the navigation menu. There are no sub links for this section so you will be taken directly to the search box. Enter any criteria you desire.

Database Export Search FormAll Students - Check this box to choose every student in your data base, then click search. OR

You may search for students that took a particular course. You'll find all of your courses in the "Took Course" pull down menu. If you clicked "Search Profiles" after choosing a course and NO OTHER CRITERIA, your search would yield every student that has ever taken that course. If you'd like to limit your search to a particular course but on a specific date, or between a date range, choose the course in the drop down then specify the exact date of the course OR choose a date range. Don't do both.

After clicking on Search Profiles, you'll see the fields to export and the list of profiles. Check the boxes for the information you'd like to export.

Choose the export format, "csv" or "tsv" ("Comma Space Value", "Tab Space Value")

After you've chosen the data to be exported, the format and the student profiles, click "Export". Your computer will now ask you where to store the information. Wait for the download (speed will be dependent upon your connection speed and the amount of information to be exported). When it's finished, open the file in your data program of choice.

Search export fields