The Coupon Manager allows you to promote your courses by offering coupon codes. You simply add a code to the manager and assign the discount. When a registered student enters the coupon code, he or she will be given the discount you specified in the Coupon Manager.

To get to the coupon manager, click on the "Settings" tab, then click the sub link "Coupon Manager".

Coupon manager-GuiWeb learning management system.

Keep in mind the coupon code name IS case sensitive. That means "xYz123" is a different coupon than "xyz123".

  1. Add your Code name
  2. Enter a discount. It must be a whole number. Using the radio buttons, specify whether your discount is a percent or a dollar amount.
  3. Choose the expiration
  4. Click "Add"

You'll then see your Coupon Code in the list. You can delete coupons at any time.