Administrators are staff that have access to the back-end or administrative section of your ER system. Because you can grant or limit permissions any way you want, you can make your entire staff administrative users. First, enter the name of the administrator, then assign a user name and password. You may want to have the user choose his/her own user name and password so they won't forget it.

Add New User screen shot

After you have filled in the information above, click "Add User-Step 1 of 2". You will then see the permission screen below. The screen shot below is a partial list. To grant partial permissions for any section, uncheck the box next to the red section header and assign functions within that section by checking the boxes next to the function. Once you have granted permissions, click the submit button at the bottom of the page.

Admin permissions screen shot

Any time you want to view a list of administrators, click the administrators tab, then the "view/edit/delete" sub link. You will then see a list something like the list below. You can add administrators from this screen as well.

Admin user list screen shot