After you have created your online course name, you'll want to write or add your content, then write your tests. You must write content before adding tests. It's best to write ALL of your content, write your tests, then add your tests to the content. First, after you have created a course and designated the course will be an online course by checking the online course box, you'll be presented with a confirmation message that says, "Success! The new course name has been successfully created. You must first activate this course before students can register." Below that message, you'll see "Add Content" and "Add Tests". Click the "Add Content" link. You'll then see a screen that looks like the one below.

Each text box represents one page of content. If you are on a PC, you will see a text editor below each text box. This screen shot was taken with a Mac so the editor is not viewable. You may write html or plain text in each box. Format the text however you'd like. Since the first content box will be the first page students see, we recommend that it contain an introduction to the course explaining to students what the class covers, passing scores or any other relevant information.

Page position is the order in which you'd like the content to appear.

Chapter Name can be anything you'd like it to be but has great importance when adding tests. After your content has been written you will add tests. To designate the location of the test, you will be shown a dropdown of every content page's Chapter Name. This is how you will know where the test will appear in relation to content. In light of this information, you may want to name the chapters with the same name up to the point where you will add a test. For example, if you plan on adding a block test after four pages of content, you may want to name the first four chapter names "Chapter One". On the fifth content box, name it "Chapter Two". Later, when you're adding tests, your drop down will show four lines of "Chapter one" and you'll know exactly where to add your test. We will go into more detail on the writing and adding tests help page.

The program will show you five pages of content per screen. If you have more than five pages of content, click "Apply Edits" and you will be shown five new blank content boxes. When you're finished, click "apply edits".

Remember you can add as many tests as you'd like to each online course (up to the number of pages of content you have). When you've completely finished writing content, click the "Add Tests" link to write and insert your tests. Remember to click "Apply Edits" before clicking "Add Tests" or your new content will not be saved.

You can come back and edit this content anytime you'd like. You'll have an opportunity to preview your online course at any time by clicking on the preview course link or icon.

Students must navigate linearly through a course. In other words, they must proceed one page at a time and only the following page and any previously viewed page is an active link. When previewing a course as an administrator, you will have access to all of your pages at any time.

Add course content screen shot