Once you have created your course(s), you may activate it (them). You'll want to make sure you have added locations and instructors before you activate classes because the system will ask you to provide this information at this point. Click on the tab "Courses" then the sub link "Activate Courses". You'll then see something similar to the graphic below.

Status will ask you to specify whether this class is "Upcoming", "On Hold", "Ongoing" or "Membership".

  • Upcoming classes are classes that you want displayed on your online calendar and have dates associated with them.
  • On Hold - You may choose this option any time you'd like to suspend registration for this class for some reason.
  • Ongoing classes are online classes that have no dates associated with them. The student can register, log in and take these classes anytime they'd like. You may also choose this option if your school offers ongoing physical classes.
  • Membership is an option you may choose if you are offering paid membership to an association, club or members only area. When creating a membership, make sure your course creation describes the member benefits. Choosing this option means the instance will not have any dates associated with it.

You'll notice if you choose "ongoing" or "membership", any information that no longer applies will be grayed out automatically.

Choose the course name in the "Name" pulldown. This is a list of courses you have created.

Choose the location.

Select the appropriate instructor. You'll notice the option of "online course" if this course is a self paced online course that needs no instructor.

Choose a start date and end date. If this class covers an entire semester or year, make sure you enter the appropriate date spread. This is crucial because once you assign this class to the instructor, that instructor will see this class on his or her home page until the end date at which time the class will be archived and only viewable by admin.

Enter a start time.

Number of Classes is how many actual days are associated with this class. In other words, if the class is offered every Tuesday and Thursday for four weeks, there is eight classes.

Enter the Number of Seats available in this class. Once this number of students have registered to take this class, the class will no longer accept registrants.

Enter the Number of Alternate Seats you are offering. When the maximum number of seats has been reached, the program will begin offering registrants the chance to be on an "alternates" or "waiting" list. If a student drops the class or admin deletes a student's registration, Event Registrar will automatically email the students on the alternates list and advise them that a seat in this class is now available. It is a first come, first serve system.

Auto close is the number of days prior to the class date you would like the system to stop taking online registrations. This can be handy if you need preparation time based on the number of students that have registered for your class.

Enter the cost of the class. This is the total cost of the class or course. If you do not require full payment, put the "Minimum amount" due in the next box. Otherwise, enter the full amount for both.

When students view your class offerings from your online calendar, the classes will show up as links. When the student clicks on the link, they will first see a pop up that gives them most of the information you have provided in this screen. Along with that information, you may add some text. If you want to add text to that pop up, enter it in the "short description" area. Because this box is written in Javascript, do not use html.

Click Add New Profile and your class is now activated and available for students to register.

Add course to calendar screen shot