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Why are you so inexpensive?
This is the most common question we are asked. To tell you the truth, we don't know why our competitors are so expensive. We suppose it's because the market bears the expense and because they can charge their exorbitant fees. Our competitors are not happy with the fact that we are so reasonably priced. GuiWeb® takes great strides to keep overhead down. We also are committed to ensuring that all schools, whether large or small can compete in the online learning market place.
Will Event Registrar (ER) work with my existing web site?
Absolutely. ER runs on our dedicated, managed, secure servers; it is 100% web based. All you need to do is add a few links to your existing web site and you're ready to go. If you'd like us to design a web site for you, we will design a custom web site just for you for a nominal fee.
Do I have to host my web site with GuiWeb® if I use ER?
No. You can host your web site with whomever you wish. The ER portion will be hosted by us but that is included in the price of our service. We will host your web site in addition to our system integration for a discounted fee for our ER clients.
Will Event Registrar work with our existing intranet database?
ER is designed to take the place of your existing student or member database. You will probably find that once you start using our system, you won't need your existing database. If however, you'd like to continue to use your existing database (such as Access®), we have database export features that allow you to extract any portion or all of your database contents to your local computer in either CSV or TSV formats. From there, they can be easily imported into Excel® or most any database program you currently use.
Do we have to know html or other programming languages?
No. ER is designed to allow your staff to cut and paste from any electronic document you already have or you can type directly into ER. Once the content is in ER, you can format it using our online formatting tools. You can also write html directly into our programs if you wish. Mac users simply copy and paste or use simple formatting or use another html formatting tool, then copy and paste.
Is there a long term contract involved?
No. You can cancel any time you wish. We only require a 30 day notice of cancellation. Your set-up fee is non-refundable.
We're a small school, can we afford ER?
Event Registrar will save your staff countless hours and replace hundreds of man hours that you are currently paying staff, freeing them to do other important tasks. Schools have told us that we have saved them thousands of dollars from the first month of operation. Event Registrar gives you the ability to offer online courses. This opens your school up to a global market. Since students will no longer need to physically go to your location, you can host students from all over the world, increasing your revenues exponentially. For complete pricing, click here.
What is the cost of ER?
We have several different pricing options depending on your needs as a school or event schedular. Please contact us for questions about pricing, or if your situation is unique. Once we know your needs, we'll be better equipped to put you into a pricing structure. There will be no high pressure sales.
Can we demo the system?
Of course. Contact us for a personal demo of ER. Once we know what you want, we'll discuss pricing structure.
What edits or customizations can be made to the programs?
This is an absolute advantage to using ER. We will customize it to fit your needs. For a fee, our programmers will add or edit any features you wish. 4 hours of custom programming are included with every purchase of our service.
Will you help us upload our content into ER?
Yes. We charge $49.00/hr to upload your content. Though you can do it yourself, we will be happy to do it for you.
From the time we decide to use ER, how long is the installation process?
Not including custom programming or design, you can be using ER within a few days. We usually like a week to install but we can do it faster if you need it.
Do I have to download anything to my computer?
No. Unlike most of our competitors, you don't have to download anything to your computer. ER is completely web based which means you and your students can access courses from any computer with web access.
How are you different than Blackboard, WebCT or other large learning management systems?
First and foremost, we're much less expensive. If you have a budget of several hundred thousand or millions of dollars, our competitors may be right for you. Most of our competitors are bulky, require you to download software, are expensive and require many, many hours of learning their system. But, if you want a system that is simple and straight-forward, reasonably priced with a quick learning curve, we are the obvious choice. We ask that you compare our features to other more expensive systems. Find out why schools are leaving high priced systems, and going with GuiWeb®!
Can I get information sent to me via US Mail?
Yes, just fill out our contact form and ask for us to send you informatin on our e-learning system.
Can we upload video?
Yes. If a browser will view it, ER can handle it. We have very reasonable bandwidth pricing. 20GB/mo. of total bandwidth is allowed with your system. You will be billed only $20.00 for every 10GB of bandwidth you use over your 20GB of allotted bandwidth. So, you don't see an increase in fees until you have the demand.
How can we use real-time video conferencing?
Video conferencing is not included in ER. There are several video conferencing services available that you could easily run along side ER if you need video conferencing with your teaching experience. Remember that due to limits of the internet, you will be limited to the connection speed of your students.
Do you back up my school's data?
Yes. You may also download your entire student database any time you'd like in either CSV or TSV formats. In addition to your ability to download the student database, we back up your entire database and all of your course content daily with a 30 day rotation.

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